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Joel Roston Composer | Instrumentalist
Call us toll free: (347) 687-4270


Performing New Music

I'm pleased and honored to announce that I'll be joining Tyondai Braxton, The Wordless Music Orchestra, and others in premiering music from Tyondai's record “Central Market,” along with new orchestral works of his in March 2011. The dates are: WALKER ARTS CENTER in Minneapolis, MN – Marc[...]

A Happy Accident

I'm working on some sounds for a phone app and I downloaded a few stock HTC rings for reference purposes. I imported them all into DP as separate tracks, hit play just for fun, and wound up with some kind of magic-wand-y, heart-monitor-ish, Cm7 situation -- complete with a sort of, like, narrative/m[...]

Ring Tones

Over the past few months, I've gotten some requests from friends for personalized ringtones. To keep things from spiraling out of control, I limited myself to (1) a single track and (2) a single general midi synth. I tried to tie the music down to the character traits/signifiers of each recipient wh[...]