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Beautiful Weekend Full-Length on the Way

We've put the first two songs from our upcoming album Holy Hype! up on our Bandcamp page. The record will be out April 17th on Peacock Recordings.[...]

Norman Schwarzkopf Made Me Gay

I just finished up the music for Sara Ebrahimi's short documentary Norman Schwarzkopf Made Me Gay, which will be debuting this spring at Rooftop Films in NYC. Thanks a bundle to Nikan Milani for the Persian music lesson! [...]

Animal Hospital Ensemble

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Here's a thing: I spent this past weekend playing guitar in Kevin Micka's Animal Hospital Ensemble -- a thirty-something piece group organized to perform three songs from Kevin's 2009 album "Memory." There were two performances; one at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI and the other at M[...]

John Cage Score

While attending a cook-out* at my friend Craig's house this past Saturday to celebrate his total triumph at the deCordova Sculpture Park earlier that day, he pulled out a hand-written John Cage score, composed in 1955 (or, at the very least, gifted in 1955) for a co-worker/friend of his, sculptor Da[...]

Back From London, Working on New Music

The Barbican "Central Market" show was super fun! I met a lot of great people and heard some amazing music!* I'm currently finishing up a a piece for Brooklyn Brass, which will be performed this summer. *Defs check out Gyan Riley, Missy Mazzoli, [...]

Film Music

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I just finished up the music for Mathias Pardo's new film Les Vacances de Victor et Lisa. I HIGHLY recommend working with someone who lives in a time zone that's twelve hours away from you. You get a couple hours in the morning and evening to hang/discuss and you each get to do your actual work w[...]
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Vimeo and Quicktime

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I feel obligated to tell the world about this problem after spending hours trying to figure out how to fix it. It would appear that Quicktime saves Vimeo movies in a peculiar way resulting in a "time value error." This became particularly clear to me when attempting to import a Vimeo-downloaded [...]

Press for Central Market Shows

The New York Times, The Village Voice, and The FADER![...]

New Chamber Piece Debuts — March 19, 2011

The Till by Turning ensemble will be performing a brand new piece of mine, "Icecracker," as well as other new works*, on March 19th at Roulette (20 Greene Street, New York, NY). The show starts at 8:30pm. *And, of course, Henry the horse dances the waltz. [...]

One Down, Two to Go-go!

The Walker Art Center show in Minneapolis was super fun! Thanks to Doug and all of the nice people. Up next: Lincoln Center tomorrow night -- tickets are still on sale here. The last stop on this leg is Thursday at the Library of Congress in D.C. -- the show is free, but you have to reserve [...]